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Since 1946, C&R Tire Co. has been the tire and auto repair specialists for generations of customers. Our highly-trained and experienced team of customer service professionals and automotive technicians are here to provide you with the expert information and honest advice you need in order to make intelligent choices about your automotive needs. C&R Tire will keep you “On the Road, and On the Go.”

Tire Mounting

Our trained tire technician will remove the old tire from the wheel and mount the new tire, making certain that the tire is set with the manufacturer recommended PSI, and that the bead is seated correctly and sealed. Our technician will then balance the new tire mounted on the wheel. All new tires purchased from us include a free Road Force Tire Balance. The technician will used specially designed torque wrenches to precision torque the lug nuts on the wheel as specified by your vehicle's manufacturer. Read more »

Tire Repair

With every revolution, a tire runs the risk of being punctured by a foreign object. The average vehicle tire will experience millions of revolutions throughout its lifespan, making a flat tire inevitable at some time in it's life. Our tire technicians adhere to the Tire Industry Association's recommendations for tire repair. Our technician will remove the tire from rim to inspect it inside and out. The technician will patch the puncture from the inside, repairing the liner to making sure the seal is airtight. The tire is then remounted, balanced and bolted back on your vehicle. Read more »

Computerized Wheel Alignment

Your wheels perform best when they are lined up straight. The common bumps & holes on road surfaces, and the swerves of driving can make tires go out of alignment. Aging shocks or struts can also affect your vehicle's alignment. When the wheels are even a little bit out of alignment, tires wear out faster and gas mileage goes down. Even your control and handling can be affected. Our trained alignment technician will visually inspect the steering and suspension components of your vehicle. An estimate will be provided for replacement of any worn out parts. If no replacement parts are needed, the technician will adjust the alignment angles to factory specifications to get your vehicle driving straight again! Read more »

Road Force Tire Balance

Unchecked excessive wheel vibration can result in excessive tire wear, damage to suspension and steering parts and unsafe steering and handling. A perfectly balanced tire can still vibrate due to force variation. Force variation is most frequently due to wheel runout, uneven tread or sidewall stiffness in the tire. Runout is when a tire or rim is out of round when rolling; frequent causes are a bent rim or uneven tire wear. Uneven tread or sidewall stiffness can be found in new or worn tires. Tires by design are never uniformly flexible throughout nor are they perfectly round. And no two tires are exactly alike. At C&R Tire, we include a Road Force balance with every new tire sale. With our Road Force Touch GSP9700 machine, our tire technician can align the high point or stiff spot in the tire with the lowest spot in the rim for the maximum roundness and smoothest possible ride. Read more »

Standard Computer Wheel Balance

Wheel balance refers to the proper distribution of weight around a revolving tire and wheel assembly. The weight of the wheel and tire should be balanced evenly around the axle. Even a slight difference in balance can create vibration in a tire. Poor wheel balance can have a marked impact on both your car and your safety. Read more »

Oil Change & Lube Service

Regular oil changes are vital to the long-term life of your vehicle's engine. Our oil change service includes much more than just oil and filter. Our technician will replace the oil filter, drain the oil and fill up to your vehicle manufacturer's recommended fluid capacity. We use a synthetic blend oil in all of our oil changes, or synthetic oil for those vehicle that require it. We also offer Amsoil synthetic oil for those customers who want an extended oil change interval for their vehicle. Included with our oil change: Tire Rotation Battery Check Fluid Check and Fill Check Belts and Hoses Tire Condition and Pressure Check Check Function of Lights and Wiper Blades Check Air and Cabin Air Filters Chassis Lubrication (if necessary) Read more »

Belts & Hoses

Among all the equipment in your vehicle, belts and hoses have the shortest lifespan. These components often crack, leak, or fray due to their constant exposure to heat, vibration, and other harmful chemicals. If not promptly replaced and maintained, it could result in disaster for your vehicle's performance and leave you stranded. The engine drives some of your vehicle's accessories. Instead of being supplied by electric power, these accessories rely on a series of pulleys and belts to operate. Some of these accessories include: Power steering pump Alternator Air conditioning compressor Radiator cooling fan Water pump Hoses are important to circulating fluids through systems in your vehicle. Types of hoses vary on make and model, but typically include: Fuel hose (sends gasoline from the gas tank to the engine) Radiator hose (delivers coolant to engine) Power steering hose (connects power steering pump to steering equipment) Heater hose (provides coolant to heater core) Read more »


The battery provides the energy needed to start your motor. It also runs things like the headlights and radio if your motor isn't running. The battery is recharged every time you run the motor. However, a vehicle's battery life is limited. The average battery life is about 5 - 6 years. When it wears out, your battery will not keep a charge. A dead battery can leave you stranded, so it's good to have your battery checked regularly. Our technicians check your battery charge with every oil change. When your battery need replacing, our technician will confirm by performing an Electrical System test. The technician will remove and recycle old battery, clean the battery terminals, and install a new battery. We stock a selection of batteries for the most popular vehicles on the road in our area. Read more »


The braking system is one of the most important parts of your vehicle. Because brakes have such a tough job, they wear down over time and will need to be repaired. For safe stopping you should have your brakes inspected regularly. We have the equipment and trained technicians to maintain, repair, and inspect your brake system to keep you safe and help you avoid costly repairs in the future. We perform all types of brake repairs including brake pad replacement, fluid leaks, emergency brake problems, anti-lock brake system malfunctions. Read more »

Shocks & Struts

In addition to providing a comfortable ride, shocks and struts provide the critical function of keeping your wheels in proper contact with the road; vital to safe steering and braking. When your vehicle's steering and suspension systems suffer, your driving experience suffers. If you're having handling problems or notice unusual movements over bumps or turns, or if you simply need a routine evaluation our trained technicians can diagnose and repair your vehicle's suspension system. Read more »

Computer Diagnostic

With advanced control systems taking the place of simple engine components you need computerized analysis of your vehicle's control computer. Our factory-trained technicians provide these basic services. Read more »

Brake Fluid Service

Over time brake fluid absorbs moisture, reducing your vehicle's stopping power and causes corrosion, sluggish brake response and premature failure. Many vehicle manufacturers recommend fluid replacement at regular intervals to maintain vehicle performance. We can perform this service for you. Our technician will remove contaminated brake fluid, cleans the entire brake system and replace with new fluid. Read more »

Cooling System Service

The cooling system is designed to keep your vehicle's engine cool. Deposit buildup can block the flow of antifreeze (coolant) to your engine, leading to overheating, freezing, rust, corrosion and inconvenient breakdown. Replacing coolant when recommended by your vehicle's manufacturer will help reduce the risk of cooling system or radiator failure and expensive repairs. Our technician will drain the contaminated coolant, use detergents to thoroughly clean the cooling system, and fill with new coolant. Read more »

Exhaust System Service

Your exhaust system is more than a muffler. It is a series of pipes that run under your car connecting to your muffler and catalytic converter. The exhaust system controls noise and funnels exhaust fumes away from passengers. The exhaust system also converts pollutants into less harmful byproducts, reduces engine noise, and directs exhaust gases to heat air and fuel before the fuel goes into the engine's cylinders. Finally, the exhaust system provides the correct amount of back pressure into the engine to improve its fuel-burning efficiency and increase performance. Read more »

Fuel System Service

Deposits in your fuel system can cause blockages that lead to lost acceleration, rough idling and hesitation. These blockages can slow the flow of fuel and air, and clog the fuel injectors. This can cause your vehicle to use more fuel, but get less power. Our technician will add a fuel system cleaner to clean the fuel pump, fuel lines, injectors and engine to remove deposits, grease, dirt and sludge. A fuel system additive will be added directly in the gas tank for enhanced fuel performance. Read more »

Power Steering Flush

Power steering fluid ages with heat and time. This can cause stiff steering, squealing, fluid leaks and eventual system failure. Our technician will drain the old fluid, clean the system with specially formulated detergent and replace with new manufacturer recommended power steering fluid. Read more »

Transmission Fluid Flush

Transmission fluid keeps your vehicle's automatic transmission running smoothly. Over time, the buildup of deposits in transmission fluid can cause debris resulting in overheating, delayed shifting and transmission failure. Minimizes your risk of transmission failure and expensive repairs with a transmission flush at your vehicle manufacturer's recommended interval. Our technician will drain the old fluid, flush the system with detergents that work to remove deposits and fill with new transmission fluid. Read more »

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