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Cooper Weather-master S/t2

Studdable Winter Passenger Car/Minivan tire.


  • Intricate tread pattern with deep lateral and notched circumferential grooves
  • Patented "Snow Groove" design with biting edges
  • Dense zig-zag sipe pattern with variable sipe depth
  • Computer optimized random pitch sequence
  • Tri-polymer blend tread compound
  • Special stud pin hole design with an increased number of pin holes
  • Severe Weather Rated
  • M+S Rated
  • Standard Limited Warranty


  • Balances winter traction and a smooth, quiet ride whilst providing excellent evacuation of water and slush
  • Provides for excellent snow and ice traction without reducing element stiffness, whilst the snow groove enhances the retention of snow
  • Further enhances winter performance while maintaining excellent wet traction and element stability
  • Reduces tread related tire noise for increased riding comfort
  • Specially formulated for excellent winter traction while maintaining wet and dry performance and treadwear
  • Improves stud retention and allows for a greater number of studs, giving better traction on ice


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